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SIPTU Calls On Workers To Support Dunnes Stores Strikers

dunnes_web_banner_mandate_smlSIPTU has called upon all workers to support their colleagues in Mandate trade union who will be on strike at Dunnes Stores across the country on Thursday, 2nd April, by not shopping at the retailer.

SIPTU Services Division Organiser, John King, said: “This is a dispute about decent jobs and dignity in the workplace for low paid workers in precarious sectors of the economy. Such workers are more likely to suffer from in-work poverty and severe exploitation due to the implementation of low hour or zero hour contracts. The Dunnes Stores workers deserve support for the brave stand they are taking in fighting against these injustices and should be supported in their struggle by all working people.

“SIPTU members, in particular, are being asked to show solidarity with the strikers by not shopping at Dunnes Stores on Thursday.”

SIPTU Sector Organiser, Teresa Hannick, said: “SIPTU represents over 350 members in Dunnes Stores in Cavan, Cork, Donegal and Dublin. While our members have not balloted for industrial action at this time, they are in dispute with Dunnes Stores regarding their contracts of employment and the provision of a decent living wage.

“The management of Dunnes Stores has so far refused to meet with SIPTU representatives or attend the Labour Relations Commission or any other third party state agencies to discuss the matters in dispute. Similar intransigence was shown by the management of Dunnes Stores to our colleagues in Mandate and it eventually forced them to take strike action.

“SIPTU has been invited to attend a Labour Court hearing into the dispute with Dunnes Stores on Thursday, 9th April.”



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