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SIPTU’s Jack O Connor Walks Out of Vincent Browne Interview

SIPTU general president, Jack O’Connor walked out of Vincent Browne’s Tonight programme after being asked critical questions about Labour’s role in Government (see video below).  O’Connor then asked Browne why TV3 won’t ‘respect the employee’s right to collective bargaining’ and why Vincent Browne is ‘working for them’ if he disagreed with it.

Fellow guest Ruth Coppinger TD said of the incident:

‘I thought for about one second whether I should join Jack O’Connor tonight and march off the Vincent Browne Show.Then I thought of the timing: Jack O’Connor was being asked a legitimate question as to why Labour never carried out pro-worker legislation it promised. Then I thought of Jack O’Connor’s role in foisting reduced pay on thousands of workers by supporting Haddington Road, Croke Park etc. Then I thought of how Jack never took a principled stand to support Greyhound and countless other strikers; the wages he is on; and the fact that he knew quite well before the show the situation with workers at TV3. So, then I decided to stay and salute the magnificent stand by thousands of low paid workers today in Dunnes and the govt’s [sic] real agenda.



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